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Art Keith Decesare - KAD Creations

Published on February 8th, 2015 | by EN ADMIN


Keith Decesare – KAD Creations

Keith Decesare (KAD Creations) is an incredible concept artist and illustrator who specializes in the fantasy and steampunk genres by “shaping imagination into visual reality.” He most often works in the digital medium and has created art for role-playing games, trading cards, video games, historical depictions, movie concept art and book covers (including covers for authors Sharon Skinner and Hal C F Astell.)

Keith performs extensive research on his subjects and creates narratives for each piece of work, believing each picture has its own story. Many of his stand alone pin-ups depict beautiful and adventurous women in fantasy settings, but he has also won awards for his imaginative work such as his ‘Puss n’ Boots’ piece that depicts a swashbuckling Bengal tiger on the high-seas.*

Keith has created art for WotC, Kenzer Co. and Atlas Games and he is also the artist and author of the very fun RPG themed web comic, Roll 4 Damage, in which talking game pieces discuss the trials and tribulations of their gaming lives.



* Some content originally published on NERDVANA.

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